What’s Data got to do with it?


I love me some data.

I can’t seem to help it. Maybe it’s all those years working in a data company. It could be that statistics was one of my favorite classes (nerd, I know). It might have something to do with Data science being the sexist job of the 21st century. Although I really think its more like this.

But mostly I think its just so much fun to play with.

Which is why I feel that I spend so much time trying to convince people that they can and should learn more about data. Especially, since there are so many people who are working with it anyway. I recently wrote an article about Data and Anthropology, to make other anthropologists aware of their close relationship to data science. As a former data and business analyst, I have seen the great influence that understanding and analyzing data can have on the bottom line, and your career.

Wanting to be a better data analyst (dare I say data scientist) is what drove me to want to learn to code. Everyone may not want to be an engineer, but I know very few people who’s work is not influenced by data. So why not get more familiar with what is going on under the hood?


There are so many positions related to data. This site published a beautiful info-graphic from Data Camp, an online resource that will train you in data analysis and data science. This shows the complexity of positions that make up data professionals. The breadth of positions means that you can start where you are, and pick up some of these skills. As mentioned in this post the difference between a business analyst and a data scientist is being able to use tools and write code.

You don’t have to change careers or even industries to bring a bit more data into your life. In fact, I am an advocate for learning technical skills like this, and bringing it back to whatever field you work in. The world needs data scientists and engineers, but mostly it needs curious and intelligent people to find new solutions. So jump on the data bandwagon (just a little). It might make all the difference.

Watch Tina

Mainly cause she is awesome. And this video couldn’t be anymore 80’s (see large yellow barrettes in gigantic hair)


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