“If You’re Not Failing, You Aren’t Succeeding”

Today I made the decision to stay home, instead of going into Start Houston for our lab day. I didn’t stay home cause I was giving up, or even because I was tired. I stayed home so that I could learn.

Let me back up.

Thursday in class, Jesse showed the leaderboard for the Code School courses that our entire class had access to. And to my surprise, I didn’t see my name–at all. Mind you–I had been going back to our pre-work since the first day of school to figure out what are the pieces of the puzzle that I was missing. And to not see my name….gave me extreme pause.

And then I realized. All this time—I had missed out on all these courses.

This was huge for me. Cause, for the last couple of weeks I have seriously been questioning why this so hard for me. This was why I was feeling so lost. Not that I was a bumbling idiot (which has been my fear), but because of some weird log in problem (I still don’t know what happened there).

One of my favorite podcast to listen to is entrepreneur on fire and I heard a guest say this

“If you are not failing, you aren’t succeeding.”

And for the first time in my life…I got it. I have been so afraid of failing, and what that means, and why is this happening to me, that I didn’t realize that it was my road to success.

So now I see that not only am I not a complete idiot, but that I underestimated myself. I thought that my program at The Iron Yard and my Yoga Teacher Training was about how far I could push myself–or how much I was willing to work. Now I see that it is more about me letting go. Letting go of my ego, and being open to failing.

I have been so worried about doing the right thing and being the right kind of person that I missed out on being open to failing.

And…if I just hang in there, and let myself fail, I may find that the answers were there all along…and that I just wasn’t logged in correctly :)


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