The Deep End of the Pool


So…its only day 2, and already I feel a bit in over my head. I know that they said it would happen, but it happened so suddenly that I didn’t realize it was happening until it was already over.

This morning i came in feeling like a A+ student. Right now, i feel like the person that is standing there scratching their head, while everyone else is laughing cause they got the joke. And to be fair, I am not the only one scratching my head, so at least i am not alone in that.

But on the flip side I have been writing some pretty awesome code. Well….not sure how awesome it is, but here is some. This is code that extracts the vowels out of the the phrase listed below:

phrase = “May the force be with you!”

vowels = [“a”,“e”, “i”, “o”, “u”]

result = []

phrase.chars.each do |c|
if vowels.include?©
result << c
p result

Aint it pretty? At least I think so. Now if only i knew how to create this from scratch all by myself…..Maybe I will get there by tomorrow. We seem to be moving by leaps and bounds so that is not an unreasonable request.


What I really hope is that I can actually understand this all for real by the time I get back here tomorrow. Then I will have made real progress. Til then, I am treading water down here. But at least its a nice sunny day in Houston. And 70 degrees! I think I will spend the afternoon outside, coding in the nice breeze.


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