My Yoga, My Code, Myself

I have commented before on how there is an odd and interesting relationship between my yoga practice, and my experiences as a developer. But in the last week I have noticed that both seem to be pointing to my same strengths and weaknesses.

So…What’s up with that?

Both have brought up my persistent fear of failure. And being that I am starting 2 new things…this is something that comes up often.

Also I have noticed that there is a guilt when asking for help. I always feel like I should know…or that if I have to ask the I am doing someone else a huge disservice.

And last but not least…I am extra hard on myself about everything.


These are things that I know that I will have to get over, but it sucks realizing that this is the stuff holding me back.


I know I know, realizing it is the first step. Can I get to step 10 now?AA-Hope-Hang-on-pain-ends-53.png


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