2016 Level Up List

Its that time again and I have my own list of resolutions. Last year I only wanted to stick to reading, and created a reading list. The problem is that I didn’t do so well. I read a few books, but nothing to be impressed by. Which is pretty pathetic, so this year I decided to be more determined and detailed.

I will resolve that reading list issue, and add to it some new resolutions:

1. Write every day

I have already started doing this one and I have to say that I am seeing a big improvement. Not so much in my writing, cause its not like I am editing it, but more so in my thoughts. Writing helps to clarify what it is that you want to say. A good reason to pick up a writing habit if I ever heard one.

2. Code every day

And by this I don’t mean what I do at work. I have found that even though my learning curve is steep I still need to find the time to practice. I started this one already also, but looking forward to building up the habit.

3. Blog way more often

This will probably also be every day, but I am planning to work out the details this weekend. The reason? I got stuff to say man, and I can’t keep waiting to not be so busy to talk about it. Also, I kinda have this dream of being a system engineering anthropologist writer so the best way to get that going is to start really putting my work out there.

4. Work it out on the daily

Yes I want to lose weight and feel great. But the truth is that I need the energy boost and the mental kick. I got a lot going on, and I am tired of feeling tired. Excersize is the best solution, and will also make my booty look better. Win win.

5. Learn everything I want to know

I don’t think that I will learn everything I want this year. But the point of this resolution is to be open to learning it. I have noticed that I spend to much mental time trying to make things make sense for doing them (anyone else do that?). In order to be the best version of me, I got to keep it fresh. That means learning for the sake of learning. I started this one and it feels lovely. It is the closets I have come to that feeling that I had as a kid.

6. Read, alot

I will be taking up that list again and adding some new treats. Reading is awesome and truly a window into another world. I need to keep my curiosity up and I have found that reading is a great way to do it. Plus, it makes me feel like an instant winner when I finish a book.

7. Meditate

I can already tell that this one is going to take a bit more effort on my part (I already forgot to do it on the 1st). With all the working out and reading and writing and blogging and learning I got going on, it will be imperative that I take a mental break and let my mind relax. Also, I need to break my bad habit of being on my computer, in bed, for hours before going to sleep. Kind of like I am doing right now.

That’s all I got folks. My goal is to follow this post up at the end of the year and reflect on how these changes have changed me. No take backs or wishes for doing well, I got to make the change. I got to keep growing so that I can read my next level. Time to level up and I am looking forward to it.


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