100 Days of Code and Design


Over the last few months I have learned a lot, grow a lot, then had my mac destroyed and rebuilt while losing my hard drive.

Now that I am in the recovery phase of that chapter of my life, I am ready to start taking on new things. It just so happens that as I was scrolling through The Great Discontent, a site I just discovered, I saw this….

and I immediately signed up.

The next words echoing insider my head were,

“I should do 100 Days of Code and Design”

I am still not quite sure what I am going to do…but it will be something like working on projects every day for 100 days and seeing what I can create by the end of it. Maybe this is what happens when you spend your saturday at a JavaScript conference?

Either way, it is my chance to actually start doing, the whole live life as an artist thing while I continue on my path to being a better developer. It sounds so romantic inside my head, so why not take the chance of making a fool of myself in order to bring it to fruition?

I have a hashtag


and will be posting on Instagram starting next week so check it out!


P.S. I couldn’t sleep after that conference cause I was so hopped up on all that knowledge and I stumbled onto these Do Lectures. I am sure that this has something to do with it also.


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